Strange Life Project

The Strange Life Project is an effort to introduce people to the goodness of God through a life that is culturally strange. Culturally speaking, Jesus lived a “strange” life. He taught peculiar things and modeled a culturally peculiar ministry. As a result he was viewed by many lost and broken people as strange over the course of his ministry.

I believe it is God’s desire to see burdened, broken and rebellious people take-on the easier yoke and lighter burden of Jesus Christ (Matt 11:29). This is the strange life. It is not an easy or conventional life but it is filled with extraordinary life. It is a life of abundance (John 10:10) and purpose that’s born out of a knowledge (John 8:19) and closeness with the Father through Jesus Christ.

A person devoted to living the strange life does not view the principles of the Bible or the model and ministry of Jesus as pejorative or impugning. The strange life is an experience of freedom over enslavement. People who are actively living the strange life understand God’s moral will (the Bible) to be his goodness and affection for us. In other words, God loves his people enough to separate us from lifestyles, purposes and influences that fail us – or at the very least, leave us dissatisfied and wanting. This pattern of affection can be seen throughout the Bible. God calls his people to be different for good reasons. God consecrated his patriarchs, the nation of Israel and the church to be a separate people. God desires that his people live strangely within the land in which they occupy (Ezekiel 20:9-12, John 17:17-19). he desires this because his ways, although culturally strange, are in fact life-giving.  Once embraced, the strange life God has called us to live proves to be better than the materialistic or post-modern life that’s offered-up by our culture.

I’d love to speak with you if you’re interested in talking more about YOUR Strange Life Project – just leave your comment on the bottom of this page.  If you have any writing suggestion that you think would connect to A Strange Life Project then please let me know, I’d love to hear about it.

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